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About Expresso Group

- An ecosystem of passionate experts

Expresso is a community of experienced specialists who are passionate about brand positioning, strategy and business development, digital lead generation and change management.

Our experience ranges from start-ups to global B2Bs, from public administration to privately owned and public companies.

Expresso is built as an ecosystem with its core in the Expresso community of passionate experts. It was founded by Karin W Nordén in April, 2020. After 17 years as a senior executive in the global corporate world, she chose to realize her dream – to provide businesses with tools that enable them to clarify the way forward.

This is Expresso's “greater why”: to empower businesses and individuals who want to go from good to great.

We do this by using our combined experience and energy to bring clarity to the challenges our clients trust us to solve.

Our delivery consists of feasible, strategic advice on how to define – but also practically achieve – set goals at different levels. More often than not, we are also trusted to lead the way to make change happen.

What makes us unique is our courage. We dare to challenge and share how we experience a situation. We create energy and a will to change in every assignment and team we work with.

In this way, Expresso and its clients are constantly evolving under the mantra: “Where there's a will, there's a way”.

Team Expresso

Here you will find a dynamic and energetic team of experts who all share Expresso's core values, namely energy, experience and clarity, which we take pride in upholding in every relationship with customers, with partners and in the team.

All team members are self-employed entrepreneurs and freelancers who see the value of acting under Expresso's brand, using its methods and models when making deliveries. Together.

Do you want to be part of our ecosystem? Contact one of Expresso's team members below.


Karin W Nordén

Business Strategist & Founder

"My passion is to help businesses, organizations and people who want to go from good to great. I do this by revealing new opportunities and showing what tools they need to implement sustainable change that leads to increased customer satisfaction and business growth."


Stepan Ruzicka

UX & Marketing Automation Specialist

"I want to help businesses become the best they can by putting customer focus first. I strongly believe that a brand must look to its customers for success, and I am happy to help you with making
that happen."

Expresso &Friends

Expresso works closely with freelancers and companies that complement the competencies of Team Expresso. In this way, we ensure that our customers get the deliveries they need to achieve set goals.

David Crouch-1

David Crouch

Content writer

“I love words and am obsessed with producing content that people want to read, that piques their interest and makes ostensibly dry information vivid and real. There are so many extraordinary business stories out there, I look forward to telling them with Expresso”

Louise Jansson

Art Director

"By being part of Expresso &Friends, I get access to skills that complement the ones I already have, which means I can work on larger projects and develop as a creator. Last but not least, we have a lot of fun together."





Frank Weithase, FW Management Consulting

Expresso's partner in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and BeNeLux

"I love to help companies and entrepreneurs achieve their goals and take their businesses to the next level. My focus is always on the company's success, the implementation of changes that lead to success, and on employees and individuals in and around the organization. I am proud to be a part of Expresso's ecosystem."

Expresso's strategic partners

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