Positioning of the Forankra brand in Europe

The case in brief:

CHALLENGE: Reunite Forankra Group through a common brand positioning with a clear strategy, goals and activation plan.
SOLUTION: A platform for the common brand positioning of all the companies within Forankra Group.
RESULTS: Coherent objectives and activation plans in eight dimensions for all companies in the Group.

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“With Expresso’s help, we have brought together all the companies within Forankra Group to give them a common brand positioning with a clear brand strategy, goals and activation plan. Through excellent coordination, sharp analysis and efficient implementation, Expresso has helped us lay a fantastic foundation for our strategic work in the coming years. Expresso has delivered a unique combination of project management, analysis, and a very clear plan for activation that will make a strong contribution to our success.”

Erik Eklov
Erik Eklöv
Group Managing Director Transport Solutions | Axel Johnsson International


To safeguard and develop the premium positioning of the brand in Forankra Group’s main markets, the existing brand strategy needed to be revitalized. Achieving this common goal required both a common strategy and a clear activation plan.

Expresso’s delivery

By developing a common brand strategy including positioning, vision, mission, brand promise, “reason to believe” and “boilerplate”, Forankra now has a platform from which to fulfil its mission: to secure all goods in transit.

Expresso’s work with Forankra Group led to formulating a vision for each of its companies “to be a premium positioned market leader in all the markets where Forankra is present”, and the identification of sustainability, relevance and reliability as its core brand values.
Expresso linked the companies’ goals to a clear brand strategy via an activation plan in eight dimensions:

  • Sustainability – with a focus on the product range
  • Digitization – with a focus on the customer experience
  • Profitability – defined as EBTAX
  • Reliability
  • Price
  • Relevance
  • Innovation
  • Customer satisfaction
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Forankra is a business unit within Axel Johnsson International’s Transport Solutions division. It consists of five companies, which mostly operate under the Forankra brand. The core business is securing goods in transit through the manufacture of innovative load securing, load optimization and lifting equipment. Each company is run independently and has full responsibility for developing its business, conducted mainly in Europe.

The five Forankra companies share the same brand, but have relative freedom in their daily operations, based on geography and local market conditions. Among other things, this has resulted in different offerings with different characteristics and certifications being marketed under the same premium brand – Forankra.

To ensure that the brand and its perceived value to the customer would develop clearly and with a focus on quality, the five companies decided they must unite under one and the same brand positioning, enabling a common agenda for how the brand should be activated and developed in the future.

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About Forankra

Headquarters: Gothenburg, Sweden
Sales companies: France, Poland, Spain, Sweden 
Core business: Forankra is a leading European innovator, producer and supplier of cargo securing, cargo optimization and wholesale distribution of cargo securing and lifting equipment.
Owner: Axel Johnson International

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When did you last review your brand positioning?

A clear brand positioning gives better control of your market – customers, competitors, and macro trends – and the easier it becomes to prioritize and thereby develop a strategy to unify your business, at the same time differentiate from competition. In order to stay relevant for customers and ahead of competition, a revitalization of the brand positioning should be done frequently.