Highlight the value in your business with a powerful company presentation

How a snappy company presentation can make all the difference

No one knows your business better than you do, but writing about yourself is not always easy. Especially if the audience is not a regular customer but perhaps a future investor or owner.

Expresso can help you put together a sharp presentation about your business that gives a clear picture of:

  • Your story - how did you get to where you are today?
  • The company's market and macro trends
  • Your positioning in that market - what makes you unique today, and in the future?
  • How you create value, with what offerings and for whom
  • Where you stand today and where you are going, your strategic agenda
  • We also identify the risks to your business and how you handle them
  • … and other parameters that further increase your value to the presentation's target audience

The presentation is professionally packaged as a PowerPoint or PDF in tune with your business's visual identity. If you do not have a clear visual identity, we will create one for this presentation.

Expected result

A company presentation that gives a clear picture of your business and its future potential, looking in-depth at those aspects that we know the audience will particularly value, enabling you to convey the value of your business simply and clearly to your intended audience.


Company presentation as a pitch when selling a business

"In a short time, Expresso put together a detailed company presentation for the sale of a small, very niche business. In addition to a clear description of the business highlighting its unique position in the market, Expresso visualized the company's financial development very well, including extensive sections on macro trends. Expresso also conducted a customer survey which, among other things, gave us the business's NPS."

- A senior M&A advisor

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