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Knowledge is power. And profitability.


You can make the unique expertise stored in your business available to all your employees through attractive and engaging digital training

As the outside world expects more and more from an organization and its employees, so the need increases to establish a culture of learning and make knowledge available to many in an attractive way.

When activating a growth strategy, it is even more important to ensure that knowledge of your commercial processed does not stay with a few key people.

This is where digital training comes in, as an enabler for growth. Expresso provides digital training that makes a difference – to sales growth, to your employees, to your partners and to the environment.

The benefits of digital training

  • A prerequisite for growth. By formalising knowledge about core products and processes through digital training, you are no longer dependent on a few key people for passing on that knowledge

  • Quality assurance. Ensure that each employee has the correct knowledge of regulations, your offering, systems and processes
  • Green investment. Investing in digital training is classified as a green investment / or cost according to the EU Taxonomy
  • Sustainability. By eliminating the need to travel to receive training, you reduce the carbon footprint of your business
  • Measurability. With the right LMS in place, a business can generate critical KPIs that reflect the organization's learning – all at the click of a mouse

Digital training enables growth for Piab Lifting Automation

Expresso's model for digital training

Forget about scrolling through text on a screen – Expresso offers training that is attractive and engaging.

Target group & purpose

Who is the training aimed at, and what should they be able to do afterwards?

Scripts and materials

Together with experts in your organization, we develop scripts and materials that engage and grab the attention.


Expresso will lead the production of your digital training materials. We also give advice on which format or formats best suit your purpose – video, animation, text, images, or a mix.


Expresso publishes the digital training in your chosen learning platform.


If necessary, Expresso will drive activation of digital training in your organization.

Sana Labs: The LMS platform for personalized training

Expresso is a strategic partner with Sana Labs, an AI-based learning platform that makes it possible to create personalized digital training that involves and engages.

  • Sana One allows all learning in one place, only a click away
  • Personalized learning
  • Interactive, virtual classrooms
  • Team-based learning
  • Get started with a few clicks – easy import of existing training materials
  • Be creative together
  • Overview of employees' learning on a dashboard
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Mike Lee, Vice President America at Piab Lifting Automation, and Simon Coles, Vice President Sales Europe, talk about how Expresso produced 10 digital trainings to onboard new sales representatives.

Case: Digital training enables rapid sales growth

Piab Lifting Automation is in a strong growth phase, where onboarding of new employees is an important enabler. Expresso & Friends delivered an introductory package of digital training aimed at Piab's global sales force, giving salespeople the confidence to go out and meet customers in the way that a premium-positioned brand demands.

  • Growth
  • Sustainability

  • Teamwork

New conditions require new ways of making knowledge available to everyone

As the outside world expects more and more from an organization and its employees, so the need increases to establish a culture of learning and make knowledge available to many in an attractive way.


Successful companies are seeing faster growth than ever before

Global teams

Organizations and teams are more geographically dispersed than ever

Attractive employer

Employees have higher demands on their employer than ever before

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