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Expresso's model for achieving growth is based on clear brand positioning as the basis for
a clear understanding of markets, customers, competitors and macro trends. A clear positioning
of the brand makes it easier to prioritize and thereby develop a powerful strategy to attract both customers and talent.



Based on brand positioning, business culture and company presentation, we clarify the company's next strategic horizon, its goals, and the changes necessary to attain them. Once we have this firm foundation in place, we activate the strategy with a focus on opportunities for growth: digitalization of the commercial process and lead generation, together with digital training.  


Positioning & Growth

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Company Presentation:

Equity Story 

Digital Lead Generation

Digital Training


Some of our customers


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Syncro Group

Marketing strategy for launch of new solution

“We were seeking support to develop an overall marketing strategy for the launch of a completely new solution for offline filtration, allowing uncompromised circular use of oil.

"Expresso supported the marketing team in creating a crisp and clear activation platform for the upcoming launch. They also brought a holistic way of looking at our business that will make a difference in how we position the commercial brand, as well as the structure of the overall commercial strategy for SKF RecondOil."

Lisa Gundel SKF RecondOil-Jan-31-2022-07-00-55-08-PM
Lisa Gundel
Marketing Manager | SKF RecondOil

Project Management of IPO

"We had reached a point in our IPO where the company realized we could no longer pursue the issue with internal skills and resources. So we turned to Expresso and Karin Wallström Nordén. She has solid experience in the requirements and processes necessary for listed companies. In addition, she has a clear leadership style, meaning that everyone involved saw their role and were able to deliver what was required to get Gigger Group [now Syncro Group] listed on the Spotlight Stock Market according to schedule."

Skärmavbild 2021-06-15 kl. 15.25.49
Claes Persson
Business Development | Syncro Group AB

Building momentum on social media

"Expresso not only developed a clear content plan for Art'gerecht's social media presence, they also manage those channels for us. This gives a continuity that I am convinced will, over time, create brand awareness and drive traffic to our webshop."

Skärmavbild 2021-06-15 kl. 15.41.45
Rubin McRae
Sales & Partnership | Art'gerecht Nordics

A strategic plan for growth

"Expresso displayed an excellent capacity to quickly understand a very niched, technical sector and develop a strategic plan to grow our business on the Swedish market. The delivery – a market study and strategic plan – not only contains strategic analysis and conclusions, but also actionable advice on how to make it happen."

Morten Andreasen
CEO | Acoplastic A/S

Expresso's core is to connect your brand with your business model to increase sales.


faster profit growth is generated by companies with a strong brands since they have more engaged employees.


of investors want the companies they invest in to have a strong brand.


higher shareholder return is offered from brands with strong reputations.

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