Target Group Analysis

How a target group analysis will make the difference


Relevant content brings added value for the target group, according to the Content Marketing Institute.



Know your customers, grow your business. Your target group’s challenges, preferences about how they want to make a purchase, and what makes them loyal to a brand will vary over time, so this is an exercise that needs to be done regularly, to minimize the risk of losing focus.

The purpose of a target group analysis is to develop buyer personas. On your way to defining personas, you clarify the characteristics of your prospective buyers so that an authentic image of your target group gradually emerges.

A personal approach and relevant content are what will set you apart from your competitors, especially in times of digitalization and information saturation.

Why are personas necessary?

A buyer persona combines all the findings you have gathered on the target group with the help of qualitative and quantitative research. The results determine the character of the persona. In this way, the persona, as an example person, represents all the real characteristics and needs of a certain target group. In other words, anonymous target groups are personified with the help of personas.

All known information about a target group is documented on a persona sheet. The reader should be able to get an idea of the target group at a glance.

The main task of personas is to give marketing personnnel an orientation when designing products, content, and offers. They also help to evaluate new ideas. By and large, personas simplify the decision-making process.

The more detailed the persona information, the more effective the marketing measures that can be derived. Particularly in the area of content, you can offer your target group a lot of added value through needs-oriented content.


Intrviews of colleagues working close with customers

Customer interviews

Anallysis of sales data

Definition of 3-5 Personas, including their pains and how You help

Example how you can put forward your offering in a relevant way

Suggestedd changes to the company's commercial process to become a more relevant business partner

Project Co-ordination


  • A document that summarizes the company's target groups, their characteristic features, probelms and you rsolution to them.

  • A detailed presentation of each target group – buyer personas - is prepared according to Expresso's template. This also includes the formulation of a target group-adapted offer that makes the company's products and services relevant according to problems and the company's solutions to solves them.

  • Appendix with the material we worked with to define your target groups.

  • Designed according to your visual identity

  • Delivered in Swedish or English, as agreed

  • Presented in a 2-hour meeting with the people involved, who sign off on the delivery and begin a discussion about next steps / activation.

Expected results

  • Consensus on the company's target groups and buyer personas, their problems, and your solutions to them – what the customers are really willing to pay for

  • A concise offer that is packaged according to the company’s solutions for the customer, according to their persona

  • Your company is perceived as a stronger brand

  • Increased sales and customer loyalty


Price: From 70,000 SEK

Curious to find out how Expresso can support to define your target groups? Reach out, and we'll show you how!