How we do it - the Expresso way

Expresso is a value-driven community where we build all our activities and deliveries
on clarity, experience, and energy

With the BRAND in focus

It doesn’t matter if the assignment is to define your next strategic horizon, develop a clear channel strategy and content plan to generate digital leads, or to put together a great company presentation – our starting point is always your brand. How it is positioned, what makes you unique, and what challenges you solve for whom.

Our experience ranges from start-ups to global B2B and medium-sized B2C – from public administration to privately owned as well as public companies.

The Expresso way

Expresso believes in a model where we work together to create together. This model means we like to see as many people in the organization as possible, with as many functions as possible, participate during the analysis phase. With this approach, we ensure that any improvements that the strategy brings for the organization are well-established and have internal sponsors from the day the strategy is activated.

Positioning & Strategy

Expresso's work always begins with an analysis of the current situation based on a brand's positioning in the market. From there, we prepare a growth strategy with the customer journey at the center.


Based on the growth strategy, together we enter the next phase – activating the strategy. This step includes the activities required for your business to achieve its goals as defined by the strategy, such as faster growth.

Expresso does what we believe in – we create clarity, and we are by your side for as long as it takes.

Expresso's greater why is to provide tools to empower and enable companies and their employees to become the very best they can be. We do this by using our experience and energy to clarify the way forward.

  • WHY: We believe in empowering and enabling people and companies.
  • HOW: We use our experience and energy to create clarity in whatever challenge we are tasked with.
  • WHAT: We provide companies and individuals with feasible, strategic advice on how to define and achieve their business goals at different levels.


In delivering our assignment, we will inject your company and the team with energy that spreads all the way to your customers – and generates growth.


Expresso brings global knowledge of both strategic and tactical business development, proven methods, and ways of thinking that engage your organization and inspire it to implement changes to achieve set goals.


To choose Expresso is to choose a business partner that creates clarity, regardless of the assignment. We do not complicate things. We always strive to make practical, actionable deliveries at all stages of our collaboration.

higher shareholder return is offered from brands with strong reputations.


of a brand’s image can be attributed to what it says and how it says it.


of investors want the companies they invest in to have a strong brand.

Want to know more about Expresso?

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