People & Culture

Shaping a competitive corporate culture

What is People & Culture?

Culture eats strategy for breakfast, Peter Drucker famously said.

This risk of having your strategy devoured by your culture is minimized by consciously working with both culture and strategy in parallel and in harmony.

Know your brand, grow your business. This is Expresso's mantra, since the better your company knows its market, its customers, its competitors, its corporate culture, and macro trends, the better equipped it is to succeed.

Expresso defines corporate culture as the set of attitudes, behaviours and rules or guidelines that exist within a company, which through its employees make an impact on the interface between the company and the outside world.

To achieve your desired position in the market, it is crucial to form a picture of your desired corporate culture. Once strategic choices have been made, we initiate the work of shaping and refining a culture that can become the basis for the company to move towards its desired position. A shift must take place so that the gap between the current (prevailing) and desired corporate culture can be narrowed.


External analysis - Employer branding

As-Is analysis

Wanted end-state definition

Cornerstones for corporate culture

Review of KPI's

Review of governance documents and policies

Communication packages for employees and partners 

Support for implementation

Employee journey

Project co-ordination


  • A document summarizing the shifts required to reach the desired state

  • A presentation entitled "The (COMPANY NAME) Way" which includes all the building blocks your business needs to develop a well-defined corporate culture that will support you in setting your business strategy, as well as the changes you must make to get there

  • An appendix with all the material we worked with and drew upon in connection with your route to your desired state

  • Communication package for employees and partners

  • All designed according to your visual identity

  • Delivered in Swedish or English, as agreed in advance

  • Presented at a 2-hour meeting where employees and partners involved in the project sign off on the delivery and kick-start a discussion about the next steps

Expected results

A strategy document that clearly describes your company’s route to its desired corporate culture and the core values supporting the journey towards your next strategic horizon.

Based on where your business stands today, we define your desired corporate culture and provide a gap analysis to identify the necessary changes to ensure that you shape your corporate culture for success.

We express this in several dimensions, each of which gives a clear indication of where you need to strengthen the corporate culture to reach your desired position in the market. Thereby we enable your corporate culture to contribute to achieving set business goals.

Price: From 210,000 SEK

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