Strategy & Growth

Most businesses today have profitable growth as one of their most important business goals. But how should growth be achieved?

This is where Expresso comes into the picture. Together with you, we identify the next strategic horizon for your business, visualized through a positioning of your brand.

Strategy is something that describes where the organization wants to be in the long term. To get there, we then identify intermediate goals along the way, each of which will help to reach the final strategic goal.

Expresso is also by your side in driving change and communicating it to the organization, supporting with clear messages, identifying activities that trigger shifts towards your wanted position.

Energy, experience, and clarity. Strategy and growth the Expresso way.

This is how we do it!

Brand Strategy & Positioning

Digital Lead Generation

Growth Engine

Brand Activation

Competitive Analysis

SWOT Analysis

Target Group Analysis

Buyers Journey

Communication Plan

Curious to explore how Expresso can support in growing your business? Reach out and we will show you how!